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September 21st, 2007

Thanks for my life….

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As you can see by many of the posts I write about my job and how boring it has been lately. I travel on the roads of Indiana, Michigan and Northern Illinois every week for the past 5 years and have driven over 180,000 miles. Casualities of this job have been my ex, legs getting sore, I don’t get to see my family, friends and current partner as much as I would like. Benefits: I have met some wonderful people via my podcast while on the road and been able to get some perks from the job like free food, free hotels etc.

Today was going the usual way only the joy of driving in the rain helped to make it different. I went to see an account which could turn out to be a good one so we shall see. What happened next really shook me up and I was driving to my next account – going down this curvy road and as I completed the curve I look to see a van is heading my way in MY LANE and so I slam on the horn and praying to God that he/she is going to be moving over and I won’t get killed. My guardian angel must have some serious bumps and bruises because the van moved over just in time and I was lucky. I could have been killed instantly and for what? Someone on the cell phone talking to his/her love? Trying to change the radio since you didn’t want to hear the latest trash from Brittany? I really don’t care at the moment I am busy shaking and happy I am ok. I imagine what would have happen if I wasn’t and how I would have missed Joe and everyone I love including those wonderful people who take the time to listen to my show and comment and even the ones who don’t.

It made my realize that this job is not that important to me and how I am going to do my best to find something else soon so I don’t have to be on the road as much. Send those positive vibes my way people please!