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September 26th, 2007

Rainy days

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Tuesday began with the alarm of my cell phone with it’s irritating ring and it is so bad it forces me to get up and really wish I could throw it against the wall and sleep more but life gets in the way and bills haunt me and I love my toys folks. It is just that simple.

I woke up – took the shower and did my morning routine and went to have a horrible stale bowl of cereal – raisin bran by the way for you stalkers out there (you know who you are – call me) and then went to my first appointment.  It went ok to say the least but at least she listened and then nicely said no she wasn’t going to buy anything.  I felt like Tommy Boy as he was told never take a no for an answer and then would quickly get up and leave once he (and I) received the no.

I was determined to do better on the next appointment and walked into this old office waiting to talk with with older doctor and had to wait and wait and wait.  Meanwhile I kept having to go back to my car to get something and it was raining like crazy – so bad that the roads were flooded – people were driving crazy and I sighed – I am so lucky to have the honor of doing this job.  She finally came out and I soon learned she hadn’t been doing much with the products at all even after all of the training I did for her and the staff.  She would make neat notes on her papers but would probably never look at them again.  The part that really surprised me was when she said she would buy some of the newer items and so I took the order.   I reviewed the training again with her and made some other suggestions and she wrote them all down and smiled.  She reminded me of my grandmother as she would glance at me with those eyes and the way she wrote each word with such care.

The next appointment was not so great – the doctor was stiff and I felt like I was back in grade school and had to go to the office since I was in trouble.  He glanced at me like I had told him to go f**k off but I would never do (wink wink at least to his face) that – I reviewed the new items and he said he would consider them and so I left.

The evening came quickly and I didn’t have many dinner options so I went to Applebee’s and I have to tell you that this meal was the BEST meal I have ever had at this place – I had a great salad and some gilled shrimp and they (the shrimp) were so hot and seasoned so well I almost placed another order.