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January 1st, 2008

New Year New Dreams

Posted by admin in dreams, goals, weight loss

Life is funny especially this time of year – as the old year ends and a new one begins we are filled with thoughts of our dreams, our successes, our hopes and our sorrows. For some the end of year makes us want to lose weight – get a better job – find someone to love – get rid of something that creates pain. My life has been filled with many regrets and happiness and often it is how we look at life as to how we deal with these issues.

The thing I often forget is I am the one who can make those changes for the good or for bad. I remember years ago when I weighed over 215 lbs and how bad I felt at the time and it was setting a realistic goal of losing the weight just one week at a time that made me lose 35 lbs less a year later. I am happy to say that I have since maintained that weight for years and have set a new goal of 175 lbs by the end of the summer of 2008.

I remember years ago when I worked at this job and my boss had wanted me to have over 1 million dollars in sales and at the time I thought he was full of shit if he thought that was even possible. At the time I had a territory of over $480,000 and it would require me to increase my territory by over 50% that had never been done in this territory ever. I sat down and I set a goal for each week and each month and at the end of the year I had went over the goal and then some. It was an amazing accomplishment and I was very proud of myself.

I guess I am telling you this (and reminding myself) that anything is possible – you just have to have the heart and desire to make it and it can happen. So as I sit here writing this entry and you take the time to read it I hope that we can both achieve what we want in life and to never forget that we are here for a reason and we have to go after the dreams. No one is going to do them for us – we must do it!

I hope you will make a list of your dreams and never allow the negative voice in our heads tell you that you can not do it. Two and half years ago I wanted to have a podcast and little did I know that my show would have an impact on people’s lives like it does. Also, the added benefits that it has created for me as well.

I found this website and I wanted to share it with you and hope it will assist you in reaching your dreams. Here is the link: 43 Things If you decide to take the challenge – I would love to hear from you and would love to be a support to each other as we make the first steps to reach the goal.