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September 12th, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

I was busy doing work after midnight and realized I hadn’t posted a show in over a week and so I grabbed my microphone and began talking which is now episode 158 where I read many of the wonderful comments I have received on the show.

What continues to surprise is the response I get from my show and how it can make someone laugh or cry or get them involved by speaking out for all of us in the GLBT community. We are making strides in the right direction but we need more people to get involved and coming out can be one of those things. National Coming Out day is coming on October 11, 2007 and so when you feel the time is right then do it and do it for you and no one else. Life is far to short to sit on your butt and do nothing so make sure you do something for you each and every day.

This morning I went on a few appointments and they went well overall. I had to do some training for two doctors and and they are very excited about offering this as a service. They asked some detailed questions and I gave them the information they needed very quickly and I think there were impressed with the info I had provided. This account was the big sale I made last month so I am happy to get them going and hopefully the reorders will go well for them.

I went on some other appointments and they were ok nothing exciting to write about and then I had a long drive to get to the next area I had to be for tomorrow. I was upset at myself for not looking for the hotel brand I normally stay and staying at a dumpy place tonight. The rate was very good and but the place, the people working here and the other guests are kinda scary. I wanted to be on Archer’s group show this week and we had a horrible connection and it was hard to hear everything.

After the call I went to dinner and went to a place called O’Charleys and it was very good – had a bowl of soup and then a salad with grilled chicken, walnuts, cranberries, blue cheese (small amount) and had some low fat honey mustard dressing and it was very good. By the time I was back at the hotel it was past 9pm and so I decided not to get on the treadmill tonight since I don’t want to be up all night like I did the last time.

I talked with Joe and he is so great and I love him so much :)

I began to edit a new show and then a person by the name of Gary tried to call me on Skype. I began to chat with him and he told me he has been listening to my show for a while now and is listening to over one hundred podcasts and I was amazed by this info. I am hoping to have him on the show soon so stay tuned!

Gary if you read this – thanks for talking with me and I really appreciate your support!

Ok going to be bed now and hopefully will sleep well!

September 11th, 2007

September 11th Continued

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Never forgetThis entry is to talk about the rest of day and it was quiet for the most part and I was able to see a few accounts with some sales nothing major. Afterwards, I went back to the hotel and had a long talk with Joe and he is such a great guy to me and truly love him with all my heart. We talked about what we were going to do to celebrate our 1st year together and we might have a small party to celebrate. The big day will be October 6th and hope to have a quiet night with him and hope we record a show for the podcast as well.

The other thing I did tonight is hit the treadmill again and did a few miles and happy to say I did complete the fastest mile based on the history of using my ipod nano and nike+ sensor and have done over 90 miles since I have started using it. I am really hoping my new goal will be met and I will be able to reach the goals I hope to accomplish. I have to be honest and say I have had some bad days with mixed emotions on my life, my work, my family etc. It wasn’t until I did a presentation for work with a group of people and I brought up the point on how we all must appreciate the good things we have in our lives. As I talked about this this woman sitting in the front row began to cry and it really touched me as I guessed she was doing the same as I was. After that meeting I sat in my vehicle and thought about all the things I have in my life and began to realized how selfish I was being. I made a call to Joe and thanked him once again for his love and his support and would like to take this moment to thank you for taking the time to not only listening to me ramble but take the time to read this as well.

Tonight I felt really good and know the exercise is the reason why – so give it a try if you are feeling poopy. It will help in so many ways – remember to take the time to do something for yourself – you are worth it! :)

September 10th, 2007

Monday Monday

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Well here it is a Monday ready to greet us all with love and joy right? Wrong! Normally Monday is a nice quiet day with phone calls to my clients but today not so much. I had to wake up early and make a lovely drive to Michigan and do some training for a customer of mine. To make sure this was a fun day I had a front tire on my vehicle that was leaking air and so I was concerned about that as well. A bit upset since it is a new tire that was purchased not too long ago. I didn’t have time to take it in to be checked so I was hoping for the best. I was able to complete the 3 hour drive without an issue but felt I had to check the tire so I did and there was a lovely screw in the tire! I put some air in and then went to see my account and was surprised when the doctor offered to take me to the closest tire place so it could be repaired while I was doing the training! He showed me there are some nice people in this world after all. I dropped it off and we did the training and the staff were very pleased. Afterwards the doctor took me back and they fixed it at no charge at all. The only weird thing is that I told the doctor I would buy the staff lunch and so they bought everyone someone but ME and gave me the bill not that it matters.

I am trying to get back to my running (been a bad boy) and hope to maintain it so it is the reason I am posting it here to help keep me accountable. If there are any runners out there – let me know and let’s make a cyber running club! Especially for those of you who have a nano and the Nike+ program loaded – we can create a challenge and it will help keep us motivated! Did a 5k tonight and had some issues with my knee but really felt good afterwards. Burned 433 calories. I had a salad with grilled chicken, grilled shrimp, pineapple, strawberries and walnuts and had water to drink.

I was happy to hear shout outs from my favorite podcasts like Omar and Little Fatty and you should check them out if you haven’t already.