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March 1st, 2008

Flying over

Posted by admin in germany

I am not a big fan of the airlines and having to wait hours at the airport and going through security can be fun but actually it wasn’t too bad. The flight from Detroit to Amsterdam was fun actually – I was impressed with the in flight entertainment as I had the monitor in front of me and had many movies that I had wanted to see and it was all free. So I watched No Country for Old Men and Juno and thought they were both good but didn’t feel they were Oscar type movies. I thought Javier in the first film was incredible and he deserved to win the Academy Award.

My only complaint was the meal on the plane and as I heard the flight attendant asking the people behind me beef or vegetarian and I was praying I would get the beef meal but she stopped ONE row behind me and then said “Oh I am out of trays I will be right back” she disappeared and later I saw her helping the other people in the rows in front of me and by the time she was at my row all they had left was vegetarian which was so gross – I was so hungry I ate raw apples which I hate so much – love them cooked but not raw!

My boss told me after the meal do your best to fall asleep on the plane and so I tried but since they were six hours ahead I wasn’t getting sleepy right away but eventually I did and was so glad that I did since I wasn’t going to arrive in Germany until 1130am the next day.

February 29th, 2008

Going to Germany

Posted by admin in germany

It is finally going to happen – I am flying to Germany to attend a sales meeting and it will be the first time going to Europe.  I am very excited and a bit nervous and not happy about the two stops from South Bend to Detroit then Detroit to Amsterdam then another short flight to Germany.  Often many of these meetings are long and boring and they don’t give us much free time to enjoy the location but we were promised a entire day to do what we want so it will be interesting to see how things go.  I checked the weather and it is supposed to be warmer than here so that will be a plus but then when I read about the free day – it looks like it could be really nasty so keep those fingers crossed!