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October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween

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Hope all of you ghouls and goblins have a great day today.  Sadly I am up in Michigan and not able to give out any candy but the highlight was seeing this little boy at one of accounts who was dressed up like a fireman and one of the ladies in office went to him and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.  It was so funny watching him as he wiped off his face with a disgusted look on his face.

The rest of the day went well and then went to the hotel and then had dinner at my favorite seafood restaurant but the bad thing is the food tonight was not that great this evening.  I was very disappointed with it but had to leave to be on Archer’s group show and so I just ate and left.   You will have to go and listen to the shows and tell me what you think.  There were some very funny moments on the show and I am a big fan of the other podcasters who were on the show.

October 29th, 2007

Monday madness

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Today was a weird day – I was making my calls and it seemed like no one was motivated to do anything today.  The people I talked with seemed all gloom and doom as I made my appts for the doctors.  Little things kept happening – garbage disposal not working, microwave fan comes on by itself, the cat trying to escape etc.

I had the lovely drive to Saginaw, Michigan tonight and it went well – listened to some new podcasts and it was fun hearing new stuff.

October 28th, 2007

Movie Night

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The attendance may have been a bit small this week but we still had fun – we watched a movie called Rock Haven and it was a very cute movie. The best part was this one scene but I don’t want to ruin it for you but you all have to go buy it by clicking the link. There is some bad acting in some parts but some very funny moments as well.

October 26th, 2007

Busy Friday

Today was a bit bizarre for me – the alarm went off playing the horrible radio station that I hate so I will get up to turn it off.  Today however I had strange dreams that kept me busy until Joe shook me awake telling me to was time to get up.  My mind and body say no thanks as I grabbed the comforter and enjoyed the bliss of its warmth as it covered me against the cool air and the bright lights from the bathroom.  Note to self – must continue programming the new partner on what NOT to do when I am not wanting to get up – don’t be responsible and leave me alone. Rather he yells at me again and pulls the comforter back away from my flesh and the chills capture me again.

He kisses me goodbye and says he loves me – yeah right – then why did he do this?  I will get even for sure later somehow – he will see – he will pay for this horrible crime. Damn I sound like an bad mafia movie waiting to make an offer he can’t refuse.

I get up and take my shower and do the fun stuff like shave and brush my teeth – exciting huh?  You betcha – I put on my suit and get ready for the lovely drive to Kalamazoo to see an account of mine.  It goes well until I hit some road construction and it delays me once again but I make the call and let him know so he won’t be mad.  I made a small sale and keep on moving to three other accounts until I make my journey home.

This is where the fun begins as I have too many things planned that night – first a dance that is held at the church I attend and then Joe tells me at the last minute he has two tickets to go see a play called Cirque Dreams Jungle Journey.  I am a nice guy – shh don’t tell anyone but I am and I try to please everyone and sometimes I end up just getting myself upset.  I called my friend and told him what happened and at first I can tell he is a bit off but I promised I would be there to help before the dance and would help afterwards and would go to the show with Joe and then come back right after and we did.   I arrived at the church at 430 and helped to finish the decorations and it was fun being a part of this and two hours later I had to get home and my friend hugged me and said thanks for the help.  I have to say that he is truly a wonderful guy and I am very lucky to have him (and his partner) in my life.  He has been there to talk with – provided support when I had my own events and is often an attendee to my movie nights each Sunday. He is an angel in many ways.

I get home to change clothes and wait for Joe to arrive and then we made the mad dash to get something to eat and made the error of choosing Burger King – in the past visits the food is great and “fresh” but this time everything was nasty and so was the staff waiting on me.  It reminded me of a story I had heard today from another podcaster and how bad the service was and how I wanted to reach out and shake some sense in the young woman’s brain who desperately need something to go with the air.  She looked puzzled as we ordered two double cheeseburgers and had to repeat the toppings on said burgers after the third try she made it. Oh wait she had to make change oh no but Joe saved her butt by having the fifty three cents and handed it over.

We made the mad drive in the cool night to the theater – I was suprised it wasn’t cooler by then but I knew it would be after it was over – the icky fall weather is here and will be staying for a long time.  Unlike the other podcasters who love this crap I would much rather have the temps in the 80s.  We find a parking spot a few blocks from the place and make the migration to the theater.   Joe tells me earlier his sisters and nieces and nephews will be there too so it was nice to see them.

The show begins and it is cute as they drag two people to the stage and make them do some dumb ass things and I am so glad they didn’t pick me but then again I would have been glad to mess with them just as they wanted to mess with me in front of a packed house.  I felt bad for the woman they picked and she was so ready to leave the stage but the two men refused to let her go.  The finally part was funny and somewhat sad as well I won’t go into detail in case you are going but I felt uneasy as they left the stage for the rest of the show to go on.

I have to say in the past I have watched two Cirque du Soleil show and I loved the one I watched in Orlando Florida – it was so fantastic and it was funny, thrilling and very emotional from beginning to the end.  Joe and I had great seats and I would be glad to pay it again.    However this show was nothing more than a cheap ripoff of the original show – sure there were parts of the show that was truly incredible as you watch them move in such ways.  Gave me evil thoughts as it came to the conclusion with these very hunky men with abs of steel as they would do strange positions and show great strength.

The show was over and Joe and I walked back to the vehicle in the cool rain as it fell hard and fast.  We didn’t take our jackets or umbrellas since it was so nice earlier.  I drove back to the church and was happy to see the parking lot was filled with cars and people were dancing and having fun.  From the 70’s man, the witches, the half man half woman filled the room with interesting choices.  There was even one guy who had a shoe tied to his head and wore a pink shirt, pink pants, pink socks and pink crocs and told us all that he was a piece of gum on the bottom of the shoe – very clever.

Joe and I began to mingle and the friend I mentioned up above asked me to announce the winners of the contests and so I was only happy to oblige!  I thought I was going to be nervous but it went well and people said I did well.  The interesting part was that once the winners were called the place was empty very quickly.  Joe and I promised we would be back in the morning to help clean up and we came home.

We watched some tv shows we like and this evening was Ugly Betty.  I truly love this show and it was the ususal campy stuff and then it became very serious with Betty’s sister and nephew in a truly touching scene and broke my heart.  I won’t give any spoilers but it is truly what I think every GLBT kid thinks about and wishes it will happen for them no matter what the age.   I cried a few tears and held Joe a little closer and was appreciative of the good I have in my life.

That is all for now – hope you can do the same as you look at yours.