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November 6th, 2007

The week continues….

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I woke up early on Tuesday filled with a hope of a better future with some idiots getting voted out of office and then the boring drive to Illinois.  I had some breakfast and put on my black suit, dark blue shirt and the great black/blue tie I love so much.  I made sure all of my paperwork was done and loaded up my vehicle and was ready to go.  I gave Joe a kiss and hug goodbye and walked out to the vehicle and started it up- well I had hope to get it started.  All it would do is go clicky clicky clicky and I was screaming.

I went in to tell Joe and he came out and once again gave me a jump and made my way to Pep Boys.  Normally I hate going to places like this since I don’t know anything about cars and this was a big surprise.  I walked in and talked with the associate and he was very nice and helpful.  He said the vehicle will be tested and will get back to me within 30 minutes.  3 hours later and they finally called to let me know it was completed and I could come to pick it up and so I did.

My day was shot so Joe and I went to get some lunch and it was a good meal. I voted and there weren’t many candidates on the ballot at all.   The saddest thing for me regarding voing is how many people are not registered to vote and simpy ignore how much our voices can be te help his people.

November 5th, 2007

The week that wasn’t

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Since it was my birthday – you are in a good mood – filled with hope and promise of good things to come right?  Sure –  NOT!  I didn’t think this was going to be a good way to start the week after my birthday as I spend Mondays making calls to get appointments and at least twice a month I have to have a conference call with my boss and we review how my territory is doing and this Monday was filled with stress and anxiety.   I talked with my boss and he kept going on and on about how things should be going versus how they actually are going.  I have been working hard to have a good year but this year sucks big time so I will be happy when that old man makes his way on out and the new baby 2008 comes in with cloth diapers filled with hope.

That evening I was going to go to western IL but decided to stay home and vote in the morning and then make my way to Chicago first then onward to the IL/Iowa border.  My vehicle decided to think otherwise and so I am grateful that Joe was home (he had the day off since he works for the city) and he was able to provide assistance.  At first I thought it was the battery and so we hooked up the cables and it started right away – so I left it running to make sure the battery had a good charge and even drove it around a bit to make sure.  I made my way back to the house and then hooked up the battery charger again and went to bed.

November 4th, 2007

I turn 43 today….

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Yep I am older today – in the past I used to look forward to my birthday – I remember as a kid doing the countdown to the big day and making the list of the things I wanted and ending up with only a few things.  As a kid you think money grows on trees and your folks have plenty but in reality it wasn’t the case.  As you get older you realize the truth and so when I am with my godkids I try to show them that hard work, education will get you the toys you want in life.

This year is a bit relaxed compared to others in the past – I had a few friends forget which pissed me off in many ways especially when I try to make an effort for all of them oh well – life goes on.

November 3rd, 2007

Fun with Joe’s family

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One of the key things about being in a new relationship is how you have to interact with the partner’s family and I was very touched when Joe told his sisters wanted to do something for my birthday.  The funny thing is they wanted to go to the same place the homos went to the night before and so I didn’t mind at all.  We had a great dinner and it was great talking with the Joe’s nieces as well. They gave me a $50 Itunes gift card and I was shocked – didn’t expect that at all and so it was a truly nice gesture!

November 3rd, 2007

Birthday Fun with the Homos

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Saturday night became the night of the homos as many of them went with me to have dinner.  There were a total of five couples and we took over a section of the place and we were laughing and drinking :) as well.  I wasn’t expecting anything from anyone and was pleasantly surprised when they handed me cards and gifts.  It was a fun night and one of my friends brought his new boyfriend and I thought he was great as well – very funny.  The highlight of the night was the waitress and she joked about how much fun we were and one of the guys said well you are too and we should all hang out sometime and she goes well I don’t think my husband would be happy if I brought 10 guys home with me and the new guy replied really loud well I don’t think you or hubby have anything to worry about!

November 2nd, 2007

Early Birthday Celebration

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Due to my birthday this year is on a Sunday and my folks were wanting to get to Texas – we had my birthday dinner with the family on November 2nd.  My mom being the sweetheart she is made my favorite dinner of pork cutlets, creamed potatoes, peas and rolls.   It has been a long time since Joe and I have had a home cooked meal and so we were both excited about this.   I had the long drive from Detroit and I was hoping I wouldn’t be too tired once I arrived at my folks house.  We had a great dinner and cake for dessert of course and then the gifts came who hoo.  This year I received some money from everyone since I was too lazy to give them a list of what I wanted.  Joe and I have been talking about going on a vacation soon so the money could go for that or the next greatest thing for podcasting I need to have.

November 1st, 2007

Birthday month

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If Archer can have his month – well so can I for the month of November.  I get older on the 4th as I turn 43.  It is hard to believe that I am in my 40’s I remember as a kid thinking 30 was old and now this. Ugh.  I guess I am happier at this time then I was in my 30’s.  I was in the middle of a relationship that was going badly and felt I had no control and it was a tough period in my life.

Now I feel so happy because I have a new love and it is going well – Joe has helped me in so many ways and now that we have reached the one year mark I know it will continue to grow.

I am in Detroit this week and each time the month of November rolls by I remember the one time I was in Michigan on the actual day of my birthday and it was before I had met Joe and I was so depressed and felt alone.  It was a long day and it was very cold and I had to work at a trade show and had a very late dinner.  I sat in the restaurant and my phone rang and it was my mom and we talked during the entire meal and it was like she was there with me and it felt good to know that someone cared.

I have many friends who I enjoy so much and a family despite its faults are there for me too – so I hope you all do too!