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December 30th, 2007

Dec 30th and counting

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The last day of the year was a busy one from the insanity of my job and how I spent the rest of the day with Joe and later the next day – he and I would spend  time with friends and family as we said goodbye t0 2007.  Joe and I have been talking about getting a dog for a long time and so we went to the Humane Society here in the area and looked to see what they had.  My heart always breaks when I see those cats and dogs of all ages looking for a home and how I wish I could help all of them!  Joe and I walked down the center aisle and we both we happy when we saw these puppies all together and they were so adorable and we had to hold one and pray we could get one.  The bottom line is that I didn’t want to get a dog from a pet store at all and the Humane Society does a wonderful job and love to help support them!

The sad news is that each of the puppies were on hold for other people and once again Joe and I felt disappointed we were not going to get our first choice.  As we filled out the paperwork to get a dog – there were two ladies there with this beautiful dog and we were waiting they said that this dog was the mother of the puppies we were interested in.  She was so adorable and the funny thing is that she is totally brown and all of her puppies were black and some had some white color on the chest area.  We finished the paperwork and hoped we would hear something by Monday or Wednesday at the latest.

Next Joe and I went to the mall to pay his cell bill and he wanted to show me the dog he really wants which is a shiba inu and they had one there last week.  We walked in the mall and it was so busy and I was surprised – it looked like what it would be the day before Christmas.  He paid the bill and we walked down to the store and looked at the puppies and they had two shetland sheepdogs – totally adorable as well and I thought what the hell – let’s get one out and give it some attention.  I thought for sure that Joe was going to say nope – not the kind I want and go on.  I was shocked to hear him later say if I had to rank them he would have picked the shetland sheepdogs as the number one choice.

We decided to wait and think about the dogs and wanted to see if we could get the ones from the Humane Society and go from there.  We went to my friends house and play some bowling games on the Wii and it was fun to spend the time with my godchildren who I love very much.  It still amazes me that they are 17, 14 and 10 how fast they are growing.  I am so honored to be part of their lives and want to enjoy each time I can to be there for them.

December 29th, 2007

Another sleepless night

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I find it amazing how often Joe and I will cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie or an episode of a television show and we will watch with a mix of emotions and be laughing or crying or busy screaming at the screen when something scary or gross happens to someone.  But then with time and the warmth of each other bodies and the blanket that covers us both then the eyes begin to close and soon we both drift off to sleep.  Then minutes go by and one of us wakes up and tells the other to get up and go to bed and so we turn the tv off and make what seems like the longest walk to the bed and fall in with a daze.  Most of the time with my sweet Joe he will go asleep quicker than anyone I know and I feel tired as well but then my mind begins to go through the events of the day, things I should have, could have and must have done. I think of work, family, friends and often my mind begins to race to random thoughts of the past, present and what might lay ahead.  I begin to count sheep, imagining them making that leap over that same fence in perfect sync as they get to the other side and if lucky I can dift off before I get to the 100th sheep.  That sheep begins to disort in my mind as they zzz’s start working there magic and then another thought like a bullet from a gun startles me in yet another round of restless sleep.  Like tonight my day was filled with a mix of emotions of having to go get my vehicle to looking for a dog that Joe and I can take care to seeing my best friend and his wife and kids and seeing how much they have grown and of course getting beat by my 17 year old godson in a game of Wii bowling.  I hope the sleep will come soon as I enjoy my dreams too much.  The other night I guess I watch too much television when in my dream it took bits of my life and it was like I had the ability to hit the info button on a remote and be able to read what story was coming up today.  For example:  Tom and Joe have a fun filled journey as they retrieve his car and go looking for a dog 6 hours 30 minutes Rated R for language.

December 23rd, 2007

Ho Ho Homo Holiday Party

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Tis the season to celebrate the holiday season and so this year was no exception as I had many of my homo friends come over to our house. The tables were filled with food, booze and gifts and it went off well. We talked, joked and played the wii and then played some games and had the regifting party as well. It was a lot of fun and they all seemed to have a great time and it made the cleaning effort all worth while. I am sure I drove Joe crazy as he helped me with the cleaning, the shopping and prep work for the food. Years ago I would have never thought I would have as many gay friends as I do and I am lucky to have them in my life. Each one of them are unique and I am so glad we don’t have the drama that some gay people have and they all get along so well. I really wish all of you the very best for the holiday season and hope 2008 will be a great year for all of you.

December 10th, 2007

A Movie Review

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I went to the local library the other day and was able to get some of the big hits this year – trying to watch them first before I spend the money so I had Superbad, Hairspray and Transformers. Joe and I decided to watch Transformers and I have to say it was exactly what I had thought it would – a horrible movie overall but I wasn’t expecting it to be an Oscar winner either. The ironic part is that I watched the dvd extras where they show the making of the movie and how they did all of the special effects etc and I thought that was more interesting then the movie itself. So if you really give a crap about what I think of the movie then don’t bother to buy this and wait until it is on HBO or something. I will write more on the others once we get to watch them.