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March 2nd, 2008

1st day in Germany

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Being in Germany has been an amazing experience from the long flight to the fun cab ride to the hotel which ended up being a Holiday Inn – which I was glad to see – I was told it was like the hotels here so I hoped so. I went to the front desk and this tall gentleman greeted and I showed him my Platinum card with the hotel and asked if an upgrade was available and he said it was and I was like yahooo! I may not like the job sometimes but when it has some perks it is cool! I went up to the room and it was nice. I have some pictures in my flickr account that you can see by clicking on the set called Germany (hard to believe that one huh?) anyway it was interesting to say the least.

I was extremely tired and was told if I could to take a nap and that we would be going to a hockey game later that night. I am not a big fan of hockey but thought what the hell. So imagine this – I am trying to fall asleep in this bed that is two twins pushed together and it is 10am Germany time and 4am my time and the sun is up and the curtains do not completely shut out the light. I like a room to be pitch black and so I laid there and was tossing and turning for a while then finally fell asleep. I think I was able to get maybe 1-2 hours tops and then decided to get up and walk around and see what they had in this hotel. I went to the gym and it was nice, they had a sauna and a nice lounge to lay down and relax and knew I would take advantage of that during my stay.

It was getting close to the time for the hockey game and we all met in the lobby and were shuttled to the arena. It was a bit cool but what do you expect in March? My boss gave me 15 euros and said this is for the food tonight so it was going to junk food like sausage sandwiches, sardine sandwiches (yuck) smoked salmon (yuck part 2) pizza etc.

The most interesting part of the game was watching the crowds go crazy – I wish I could get the audio from the game but I didn’t take my recorder! The funny thing was how the crowd at one point had lit some sparklers and were waving them all over the place and was really surprised that they did this – I know in the states that would have never happened.

We went right back to the hotel and I was ready to get some sleep!

March 2nd, 2008

Arriving in Amsterdam

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As I told you in the previous post that I had a very long layover in Amsterdam and so it was interesting to walk around the airport. They had many stores and places to eat and even though it was midnight my time I was hungry! I walked over to this place to eat and they had all kinds of sandwiches and croissants filled with ham and cheese so of course I had to have one of those! What surprised me was they had bottle beers there and people were grabbing them with their food and again this was 6am! Afterwards I walked around and checked out all of the stores and will write more about this soon!

March 1st, 2008

Flying over

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I am not a big fan of the airlines and having to wait hours at the airport and going through security can be fun but actually it wasn’t too bad. The flight from Detroit to Amsterdam was fun actually – I was impressed with the in flight entertainment as I had the monitor in front of me and had many movies that I had wanted to see and it was all free. So I watched No Country for Old Men and Juno and thought they were both good but didn’t feel they were Oscar type movies. I thought Javier in the first film was incredible and he deserved to win the Academy Award.

My only complaint was the meal on the plane and as I heard the flight attendant asking the people behind me beef or vegetarian and I was praying I would get the beef meal but she stopped ONE row behind me and then said “Oh I am out of trays I will be right back” she disappeared and later I saw her helping the other people in the rows in front of me and by the time she was at my row all they had left was vegetarian which was so gross – I was so hungry I ate raw apples which I hate so much – love them cooked but not raw!

My boss told me after the meal do your best to fall asleep on the plane and so I tried but since they were six hours ahead I wasn’t getting sleepy right away but eventually I did and was so glad that I did since I wasn’t going to arrive in Germany until 1130am the next day.