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June 27th, 2008

Fill me up with Pride

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The month of June is pride month and of course the last weekend will be the pride parade in Chicago.  Joe and I plan on attending and hope it will be a good time.  For some they don’t celebrate pride by attending events since it is too crowded or filled with drunks etc but I go for another reason for the younger gay person who has yet to come out or feels they are the only one who thnks they are gay.  I was like that person many years ago and I remember the pride I felt as my ex and I walked from the train to watch my very first pride parade in Chicago.  The streets were filled with people of all ages and sizes and color and I loved it.  I clearly remember seeing the two lesbians showing off their breasts, the two hunky men holding hands as they walked in front of me to the two bears hugging on the side street kissing and I thought it was great.

The part that moves me to tears are the PFLAG people and gay military members – each means something different to me – the PFLAG people are the very proud parents and friends of the GLBT community and when I saw the I love my gay son signs I cried.  I can only wish that my folks, my friends would do the same for me but they aren’t the demonstration type like these people.  The other group – my military cohorts – who many were kicked out of the military for simply being gay affect me as well.  I was a proud member of the Air Force Reserves for 21.5 years and I will never forget the feelings I had while serving and how I had to hide who I was.

Many years have gone by and in many ways things have changed for the better but we still have so far to go.  I just wish my GLBT friends all over the world will stand up for what they believe and be heard and I want to encourage my straight people who read this to do the same – be vocal and be by our side – we need you – we love you and we are filled with pride because of you!