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July 28th, 2008

Homo Movie Night

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As with every Sunday night – I had my homo friends come over and we watched a great movie called “Dirty Laundry” and it was so good!  When it first started I was not sure where this movie was going but as it continued I fell in love with the entire cast and especially the actress who played the mom – she was very good in this role.
So add this movie to your Netflix list and enjoy it like we all did!
July 26th, 2008

Maybe Tomorrow

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When I was a kid and realized I was gay

I was scared and filled with fear

would I ever find love?

even when I didn’t love myself

Maybe tomorrow


I was taunted and teased in junior high and high school

three people stood out to make my life hell

would it ever end?

Maybe tomorrow


I met my first love who made me whole

he told me I was beauiftul

will I believe those words?

Maybe tomorrow


I loved him with all of my heart

and would tell him when I could

would it last for a lifetime?

Maybe tomorow


His mother didn’t like me at first

but I was determine to win her over

would it work?

Maybe tomorrow


He would hold me and tell it would be ok

when the world seemed to close around me

would he still love me

Maybe tomorrow

Years went by and I felt lost in the silence

as we both said goodbye to his mom

would this pain ever stop?

Maybe tomorrow


Our love ended after thirteen years

longer than many others

will I ever find love again?

Maybe tomorrow

18 months went by and I was alone

then I met my Joe in that bar

will he ask me out for a date?

Maybe tomorrow


I love him with all of my heart

and one day soon I want to marry him

show him and the world he is the one I cherish

Maybe tomorrow

July 22nd, 2008

Light My Candle

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light my candle

sit by my side

let’s talk for a moment

no reason to hide


sure we all have our demons

and how we deal with them

we have to let them go

or they will settle in

just let them go

just let them go

I will listen to you

as you listen to me


that is what friends are for

to help to work it out

to be there for each other

there is never a doubt


it is getting late

sadly you have to go

but before you do

something for you to know


so blow out the candle

give me a hug goodbye

I will always be here for you

no matter how or why

July 18th, 2008

Little Things

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little things that rush out

are just like me

i was born premature

guess i was impatiently in the womb as well

little things remind me of being a child

looking up at everything that walked by

the smiles that stranger gave me

as they tempted to grab my cheeks

the red hair caught them

as if to grab them

but the shy kid in me grabbed my mother’s leg

like a wounded puppy accidentally stepped on

Quotes like “Did he get that red hair from his daddy?”

or as an adult “are your pubes red too?”

fill the air and make me sigh

I would grab items i know I shouldnt with glee

only to hear those screams Noooooooo!!

I am older and taller now

I am the one who reach the sky with my head

as the child stares up to me

I smile and try not ask

the color of daddy’s hair

I just take their picture lol

July 6th, 2008

Poem of Life

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I used to write poems and so it has been too long since I wrote one so I thought I would write one now and would love to get your feedback.

the night light in the bedroom

keeps flicking off and on

it won’t let my mind go asleep

the random thoughts keeping going strong


the sheep are getting counted

but then i lose my place

i keep thinking about you

and your handsome face


wish i could hold you

but your miles away

at least we talk on the phone

I can hear what you say


Night my love

I hug my pillow tight

wishing it was you

and feeling your warmth