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August 6th, 2008

On my way to Canada

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I left today to go to a sales meeting in Niagara Falls and it started out ok – made it to the airport with no issues – easily checked in and had a quick lunch and made my way to my gate at 130pm to Detroit then to Buffalo, NY. 

The weird thing was that as I had walked into the airport – there was a sign about missles and how they can hit planes and I was like wow what a happy thought.  Once I made it through security I sit down and wait for the flight to be called and I look up at the monitors to see they ran a commercial for a 9-11 commerative bill or coin and I am thinking what are the odds?

The first flight was quick and easy but then the flight from Detroit to Buffalo was another story.  I had only 15 minutes to get from the C gate to the A gate and so I had my exercise of the day and I was sweating like a pig and thought for sure that it would be filled and I would have no room for my stuff.  I walked right up to the line and handed my boarding pass and the lady said hello and took my ticket and I walked on seeing the line down the hallway and was bummed but when I made it to the plane it was nearly empty.  I made it to my seat and was trying to cool off as the others boarded.  

We were supposed to take off at 330pm but there was some problem with a part overheating and of course that always sounds good right?  We had started to leave the gate and I thought we would have to go back and in order to change the part of have us changed planes.  It took forever so I was listening to podcast and laughing my ass off as I listened to Wes from the Live it Up podcast – he was so funny.  Finally they said we were leaving. 

Once we made it Buffalo, the manager of the Canadian group came to pick us up and then we were dropped off at this bar to wait for the other guy who had a delay on his flight so we arrived at 4 something and his flight wasnt arriving til 7 so waiting was so much fun.  Finally we were able to pick him up and made the 25 minute drive to the hotel and it took forever!!! We reached the border and it was like a parking lot and it took at least an hour to get thru – the guy at the border just looked briefly at the passports and that was it then about 10 minutes later I had to pee and thought oh no problem it will be just a few minutes then I hear the manager go I don’t how to get there and I am like what?  I tried not to think about it but then it got worse and worse and I was in pain and of course he hit every pot hole on the road and that really helped.  I am in the van with 8 guys and I finally asked him how much farther do we have to go and he says about 5 minutes and I said can you please stop so I can go and he said we are almost there and then finally we saw the hotel and I didnt even get my bags – just ran in and found the bathroom – I think if he had been one minute later I would have pissed my pants and the funny thing when I was finally in the bathroom for a second I couldnt even go then finally the niagara falls of my bladder kicked in.  We went to this italian place for dinner and it is almost midnight and I hope I can get to sleep.

August 3rd, 2008

Little Voices

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little voices keep talking to me

telling my heart the way it should be

wanting every thing to be ok

never mind what my mind might say


you can find love

you can hold it so close

but your eyes wont see

when it matters the most

little voices keep calling out

fill your mind with doubt

but when they go away

listen to what your heart might say

do you love him

does he make you complete

does he make your mind wonder

then nothing can be beat

but those little voices

keep bringing up the past

wondering if this love

will finally last