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January 15th, 2009

16 Random Thoughts

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Here are sixteen random thoughts I would share with you all – stole this idea from others on Facebook

1 – I am lucky I have my Joe – he has been there for me so many times that I hope he knows how much I do love him.

2 – There has been two new additions to Joe’s side of the family. His sister gave birth to a beautiful boy Miles last Monday and both mom and baby are doing fine. The other new addition is a black lab that his other sister recently adopted and loved the fact that she named him Dexter after we told her about the amazing show Dexter that is on Showtime.

3 – I really hate winter – especially when I have to drive several hours in a snow storm that is so nasty that I can’t even see the road. I had to cut my trip short last night and had to find a new hotel and was lucky to make to Holland, Michigan.

4 – I am so sick of these award shows that reward talentless hacks like Kid Rock etc.

5 – I am still pissed at Barbara Walters for the nasty questions she asked Patrick Swayze and his wife last week.

6 – I am glad I finally posted a new show of my podcast – want to get more shows out this year and need to be more proactive.

7 – I am so honored to have friendships with so many people via the internet from Candy, Tim, Peter, Freddy, Kevin, Omar, Lauren, Arthur, David just to name a few. I will always be touched by this amazing group of people.

8 – I have to agree with Bjorn I love movies. I have been a big fan since I was a kid and would love to be on the couch wrapped in a blanket and watch as I am filled with laughter, shock, tears and sadness and often it is with only one film. Latest watched: 27 Dresses (A) Eagle Eye (B) Wall E (B-) Untraceable (B) The Visitor (A) Charlie Wilson’s War (B-) Tongues Untied (D)

9 – I was really happy to find out that I made my sales goal for 2008 and by doing so I am able to get a bonus!! It will help pay off some bills and be vacation money!

10 – I am amazed how quickly my god kids are growing up. They are 18, 15 and 12 and I still remember when they were little and I would kidnap them for the day and we would go have fun at the arcade, see a movie or go on a shopping spree for the youngest Helen! I have such memories of them and how they see the world in a different way and the world would always be good. It is nice to have that feeling.

11 – I have a goal this year to finally get to my goal weight of 170-175 lbs. I have been eating better and exercising more and I love it. The key to success is to look at this as a plan for improving myself rather than a diet. I love to change the way I exercise so I am never bored. I have already lost 3 pounds so far so I am happy!

12 – I am so tired of reading the newspaper or watching the news – every story is so sad: the economy, unemployment, murders etc the list goes on and on. Stories that really bug me are the ones about how the government treats our veterans – read today’s cover story of USA Today and you will see what I mean.

13 – I love my Iphone and the various applications you can get and many of them are free. The latest ones I have added are Crazy Penguin, Recorder, Frenzic, Vlingo, Uno, Iheartradio and Yahtzee Adventures.

14 – I have been watching some new television shows lately and have to say they are really great. I am now addicted to How I Met Your Mother – I watched the first season and have the next two ready to go. I am excited about new season of The Biggest Loser, American Idol, Amazing Race and Survivor!

15 – I love the internet and the ability to be able to watch a show, movie, documentary and then be able to find the person (most of the time) very easily and ask them to be a guest on my show. In the three years of doing this show I have only had five people write back telling me they would not be on the show.

16 – I have to say I didn’t think writing 16 random thoughts would be that difficult but this was a challenge. Why don’t you give it a try.

January 10th, 2009

Just a Poem for her

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you could hear her laughter

as you came walking in

she didn’t say hello

she gave me a grin

“UNCLE TOM” were the first words

as she gave me a hug

she is getting far too big

much too fast

what happened to that little girl

that I held in the past

No more Build a Bear in her future

probably cell phone plans

texting all her friends about the one

that they all have a crush on

One day soon she will be walking down the aisle

and I know the tears will fall

will she remember all this stuff at all

as I do right now?

January 7th, 2009

A New Year A New Chance

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As 2008 is now part of history – we shall move onto 2009. Filled with sadness of the economy, the wars, the unemployment but as I sit here writing this I am still filled with hope that it will get better for all of us.  I like many others I am sure have thought about this last year and what we can do to improve our lives in 2009.

Here is a small list of things I want to do and when I hope to have them completed:

1 – Get to 170 lbs by the end of June 2009.

2 – Get more shows out on my podcast each week

3 – Travel to Europe

4 – Keep building on communicating with everyone – every day

5 – Get a book published of my interviews and hope people will buy it.

6 –  Pray Obama will be a great leader for us and help the GLBT community

7 – Try not to stress out so much about the little things that don’t really matter

8 – Work on the things that really do

9 – Start working on my Master’s degree

10 – Do something for myself – every day