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April 28th, 2015

My best friend Doug

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Life has a way of dealing you a raw deal.  My best friend Doug right now is battling cancer and I am worried.  He has had a very tough time fighting this and what makes it even worse is that the doctors don’t seem to want to do anything in a timely manner.  They say one thing then another and then a month goes by with nothing new being done.  It truly scares me and I want him to get better and I am tired of waiting and seeing my dear friend go through hell especially for something he should have never had to do in the first place.    He had to have a kidney transplant 17 years ago and now because of the anti rejection drugs he has cancer.  They told him this back when he had the surgery but we never thought it would happen but we knew it was a possibility.

So he is in Indy right now as I write this and sure hope the procedures he will have to have will go well and he will be back to his old self soon!