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July 18th, 2014

Billy Joel Weekend with Roger

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When people ask me who was one of my favorite music artists – I normally go to Billy Joel.  He was one of the first artists that my sister introduced to me and it didn’t take long to get addicted to his music.  One of the many things that I enjoy about Roger is that we have similar music tastes and so it was a no brainer when I told him that I found out Billy Joel will be performing in Chicago at Wrigley Field in July 2014.   So he bought the tickets and here is the pic of us before the show – it was a great night – the weather was perfect and I heard so many of my favorite songs!

Here are the songs that he performed:

A Matter of Trust – Pressure – Movin’ Out – An Innocent Man – The Entertainer – Vienna – Zanzibar – New York State of Mind – Sometimes A Fantasy – Miami 2017 Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway – Allentown – She Always A Woman – My Life – Highway to Hell – Don’t Ask Me Why –  Scenes from the Italian Restaurant – The River of Dreams – Piano Man – Encore:  Uptown Girl – It Still Rock and Roll to Me – Big Shot – You May Be Right – Only the Good Die Young

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